Favorite Quote

The writing prompt for today is a favorite quote. I’ve delved into a lot of quotes over the years, as I enjoy doing Scavenger hunts for those closest to me either at Christmastime or on their birthdays. Depending on who they are or what they are going through depends on what I do. To understand this better you can read my post Lets Have Fun in Quarantine as I laid out how to do that as a way to keep one occupied when Covid first shut everything down.

Now there are a lot of different kind of quotes, Inspirational, Motivational, Spiritual… just to name a few, and these quotes can come from music, movies, tv shows, books etc. Being as I’ve read through a lot of quotes, as well as listen to a lot of music, read books, and seen a few shows on TV here and there it is very hard to pick just one quote.

I wrote it down. Walls have ears. Well trees have ears. Ducks have ears. Do ducks have ears? – Crowley “Good Omens”
For example this quote. I fell in love with it the first time I heard him say this to Aziraphle because of the things he mentions, it’s ducks that he questions whether or not they have ears. Not the walls, not the trees, but the ducks.

Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith – Dieter Uchtdorf General Conference talk Come Join Us given in October of 2013.
I still remember sitting with a group of young single adults, watching this conference talk. This quote went viral almost as soon as he said it. We all agreed it was our favorite talk from that day. It is something that I always come back to when things in life get a little too rough to handle. It’s also a fun memory to go back and visit, as soon after I stood up and my rip away athletic pants fell to the floor, answering the question that had been asked earlier as to why I had been wearing shorts underneath. The buttons don’t always stay snapped!

Currently though I think my favorite quote comes from a marriage seminar I watched with my spouse at a marriage retreat 6 years ago. The seminar was Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage by Mark Gungor. He was a preacher and used some scriptures to describe things. One scripture he shared (at the start of the seminar mind you) stated “it is good for man not to marry” and then later in the scripture it gave a reason “Those who marry will have trouble in this life.” Now I believe he paraphrased it and he didn’t give the actual chapter and verse as to where to find it. He then made a joke (as this is a Laugh your way to better marriage seminar), about how they don’t put these scriptures in greeting cards and such. He ends up saying, as he’s pretending to write on a wedding cake.
It is good for man not to marry, but it’s too late for you. This always makes me laugh, and I have even used it when things get a lil tense between me and the spouse.

Course several months ago my spouse also gave me an opening to use another one of his quotes that I enjoy. When I used it, it went a lil something like this…
Spouse: Hard to be believe it’s been 6 years.
Me: I know, it really only feels like 10 minutes.
Spouse: Really?
Me nodding: 10 minutes *pause* under water

This ended with both of us laughing and spouse saying I can’t believe you said that.

I think overall. The memories from these quotes are what I truly cherish, though the quotes themselves are good too.

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