Lets Have Some Fun in Quarantine

So it has been a while since I’ve written anything, and now with a Quarantine in place, I thought I would share some ideas to try to ease some of the boredom. One of these ideas came to me today as I was speaking to a friend who was being pranked by her sons. This one idea even has multiple uses. “What is it?” you may ask.  Simple… it’s a scavenger hunt.

I first suggested it to my friend when we had come up with the prank of taking the cords from the game systems and making the boys try to find them.  Which led to the thought, well you can send them on a scavenger hunt, but include their school lessons in it. As we discussed it more and the realization that Easter is coming up, the thought hit me that you can also do an Easter Scavenger Hunt.

Scavenger hunts are something I started after my spouse received a brain injury from a car accident that was not taken care of. Suffering from anxiety, PTSD symptoms among others problems associated with mental health, they were of the understanding that I did not love them anymore. Since I had to come back up to Illinois for a wedding, (we were living in Texas at the time), I put together a scavenger hunt for them, that consisted of 25 reasons I still loved them, and a love note at the end.

Since then I have used scavenger hunts for birthday presents, Christmas presents (for multiple friends and family), and for just because situations. I’ve used inspirational quotes, short messages, and for one group at Christmastime bible versus about the birth of Christ.

The picture below is an example:


So this is what a clue might look like in one of my scavenger hunts.
It has the name of the person doing the scavenger hunt, in this case Drevain
The date I wrote it – 4.1.2020
The time (only because it’s part of the memo pad) –  10:26 pm
Who it’s fromTahlmus
The MessageDrevain has been having a rough time with the quarantine so I’m going the route of inspirational quotes.
The Clue –  This can be something only you and the person know… in our household when someone says… “I’m Cute” it means they want milk and chocolate. 
The SignitureTo help them zoom in on the clue… with my example I signed it chocolate because the next clue is hidden in the chocolate, and not with the milk.

Another example for a clue for my household might be …. Lay down here … signed, Mattress …. Which would indicate a bed… Personally I like hiding mine under the bed frame (our mattress is 2 feet off the ground).

So if you’re looking for something to keep the kids busy or maybe just a different way to do an Easter Egg Hunt, try it out. If you are trying to keep the kids busy, make sure that each clue takes them to a completely opposite side of the house. So like bedroom, to porch, to kitchen, to basement, back to bedroom… etc.

Hope everyone is staying safe during this pandemic.



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