A Dream

Today’s prompt is to write about a dream you had. Well, my favorite dream I actually turned into a story. The dream came during a time when I was playing a lot of Final Fantasy 15 on my phone. One of the things on this game was once you reached a certain level, when you were attacked the opponent could capture your hero. So one night I had a dream about myself as the Hero having been captured along with other members from my empire. We engineered our escape and as we were crossing the mountains to get back home, a team of assassin penguins started to chase us. I have no idea how this dream actually ended because it was so weird it woke me up.

However, a couple months and Facebook comment session later. I decided to write this story. I also decided to try to write it in a different style than I have previously written and attempted to write it as a script. The Story is Firmil and the Assassin Penguins. The following conversation is what sparked the writing of the actual story. All this, from a dream. Haha, who knew.

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