Sometimes kind words in the form of a written letter will do more than speaking alone. Taking the time to think and write can cause words and phrases to take on newer, or deeper meanings than if they were just spoken.

I’d like to share a letter I wrote to a good female friend who just needed to know that someone cared, and hope that anyone else reading this can find the same comfort that she did in these words.

Dearest (Insert friends name here)

I have watched you from afar for many months now. Always in the shadows waiting for those moments when you need me most. I have seen your pain and your struggles. I know your stress, and I patiently accept the roses you hand out, knowing that with every thorn prick I am closer to the day where we will turn the sod over and prepare for a new planting.
Every storm does eventually run out of rain, and when the sun rises on that beautiful new day I will be there back in the shadows smiling as you bask in its’ loving rays. Until then I will walk beside you weathering the storm as I hold the umbrella over you.
At this exact moment in time, as you read this, I need you to know that you are perfectly beautiful just as you are, and that you are enough. I need you to understand that at any point in time, this is how I see you, and always will.

Love Always

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