Quarantine Fun

The “Shelter in Place” order hasn’t changed a lot for most of this household. My spouse and friend who lives with us, were enjoying social distancing long before the order was ever put in place, as both of them do not enjoy leaving home (Especially for an extended period of time). They both have gone about their days as they normally would.

Myself on the other hand has struggled. Don’t get me wrong I’m unemployed so as to help the spouse manage their mental health, but I was still very active in Lions Club, and Girl Scouts. I went to the gym, and was on a bowling team. So after a couple days of no extra activities, I started willingly helping/doing building projects around the house.

First was putting the second flower bed onto the deck. 

The next project dealt with Kennels for our dogs. We have four of them. So the design was three kennels, the middle one being big enough for two of the dogs, and made to hold the TV, game systems, etc on top… with the eventuality of shelving units being added to hold the video games, DVD’s and possibly even books, because we don’t have enough shelving for books. This project involved a lot of sanding, planing, and lots of Danish Wood Oil. Then of course was getting it set up in our house. We might have had a little too much fun with that part of it….

The fun part of all of this was that the top was screwed on, from the inside of the kennel… guess what I got to do. 


Then of course my friend (who is now my roommate) and one other that had dropped in, determined it’d be funny to shut the door on me. The running joke is that they had to take extreme measures to keep me at home. 


What to say about this last one….. well Normal friends take pictures of each other eating…. My friends determine they need pictures of my a**


The finished product



I wonder what projects we will move on to next.

What are you doing to fill up your time at home?

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