The Adventures of Firki: List

Firki woke up refreshed. He gathered up his things, going over the list in his head making sure he had everything before he set back off for home. He checked and doubled checked that the journal he had acquired was in the bag. As long as he could get it safely back to Solque, his troubles with magic would soon be a thing of the past. After one last look in his bag triple checking his list, Firki closed his bag, grabbed his walking stick and prepared to start walking north.

He had just started walking when he heard a voice calling out his name. Firki thought it was weird because no one in the area should really know him. When he turned located the sound of the voice, he saw Thorrig running towards him. “How did he find me?” Firki wondered, as he waited for Thorrig to get to him.

Panting, Thorrig stood in front of Firki trying to catch his breath before he spoke. “You left so quick last night, I never got to thank you,” he finally said. “Thank you, I not only made it here safely with your help, but I also got to check some stuff off my list of things I wanted to someday do.”

Firki nodded smiling, “you are welcome,” he said. “But now I must be on my way back. I have found the herb, and it is important I make it back in a timely manner so I can continue to check things off my own list of things to do.” The two shook hands and parted ways. Thorrig back into the city, and Firki sticking to the outskirts of the woods started his journey northward.

As he traveled Firki began to conjecture about what was written in the journal. He made lists upon lists of ideas. Each list was crazier than the one before it. He longed to stop and read it to satisfy his curiosity, but he knew the sooner he could get the journal to Solque, the sooner his magic could be fixed. He also gave some thought to what Thorrig had said, about his list of things he wanted to do someday. The more he thought about it, the more it seemed like a good idea. When he stopped for the evening, to rest, Firki pulled out a piece of paper, and made a list of all the things he wanted to accomplish once his magic was working properly, starting with… making proper elixers.  Firki fell asleep as he wrote out his list, a good thing because had he gone on, he would have run out of paper. “I’ll have to sort it out and make multiple lists when I get back” he thought to himself as he drifted off to sleep.

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