The Adventure’s of Firki: Focus

A few days after teaming up with Thorrig to make it through the forests to the southern land, they reached the outskirts of the city of Denarium. Just being near a city, made Firki uncomfortable. The Divine had people in every city that could detect a magic user. They were not the nicest of people, and Firki had no intentions of getting trapped by one of them. While Verimil had allowed him to get a Dalish facial tattoo, symbolizing his belonging to the wandering clans, Firki wasn’t sure if it would be enough to keep the Divine from locking him up for having magic.

“Firki,” he heard softly at first. “Firki, did you hear anything I just said?” Thorrig said giving Firki a small shove. Firki gave his head a little shake to refocus his eyes. He realized he had been off in his own world imagining everything that could go wrong. He shook his head no, in answer to Thorrig’s question. “I said we have to focus,” Thorrig started, “there are some surface dwarves on the far end of the city, but humans don’t look too kindly on our kind.”

Firki closed his eyes calming himself and bringing his mission back into focus. “Alright,” he said. “Let’s stay to the edges of the city and focus on finding the dwarves. If we do it right, we might be able to overhear some conversations that can help us focus the search.” Thorrig nodded in agreement, and the two set off. Each one focusing on keeping their heads down, and not drawing any unwanted attention to themselves. Firki found it easy to focus, as it was imperative to keep focus while using magic. Thorrig however had some troubles staying focused. A few times Firki feared they would be caught and he would be taken to the Divine, but Thorrig always seemed to refocus in time to avoid disaster.

The dwarves were easy to find once they reached the other side of the city. They were all crowded around a market stall arguing about a journal that one was waving in the air. The one waving the journal was trying to convince the others of it’s importance. The journal had information about elven clans that had draconic magic. The other dwarves all thought he was crazy. Focused on what the one waving the journal was saying, Firki didn’t notice Thorrig running up to them. By the time he realized, it was too late to stop him. They hid the journal as he approached. Firki just sighed as he followed after Thorrig.

The dwarves were gruff at first. They did not trust outsiders. They warmed up a little as Thorrig gave them an exaggerated tale of how him and Firki came to be at their stall. Once the tale was finished Thorrig had the rest of the dwarves inviting both of them to join them for dinner. Firki was reluctant at first, but remembered the journal the one dwarf had, so he agreed to participate.

Firki soon realized that dinner, to this group of dwarves, was a lot of drink, meat, and dance. Focusing on his task, Firki found the dwarf that had the journal. He was in the corner brooding with a mug of drink in his hand. Firki carefully approached him. “What do you want?” the dwarf asked gruffly. “Just because my brethren are alright with you because of that new kid’s story, doesn’t mean that I am.”

Nodding, Firki chose his words carefully. “Before we came up to you, I overheard you yelling about a journal about draconic magic.”

“What of it?” the dwarf asked puffing out his chest and trying to stand taller.

“I … uh… I’m the keeper of knowledge in my elven clan. I have been studying the origins of different magics, and that journal is of great interest to me. I have a few coins, I’d be willing to buy it off of you.”

The dwarf studied Firki, contemplating his offer. Getting money for the journal up front would be more convenient than turning it in to the Divine and hoping it was worth something to her. “How much you got?” he asked.

The dwarf watched Firki pull five sovereigns out of his pocket. His eyes went wide. “Would this be enough?” Firki asked. The dwarf nodded and they exchanged money for journal.

With the journal now in his possession, Firki wanted nothing more than to leave the city. He had no desire to hang around longer than he had to. While the sun had already set, Firki slipped out of the building, and carefully made his way out of city into the woods on the south side. He would camp there for the night before traveling back to Solque’s encampment. That night, as he slept, the dreams returned.

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