The Adventures of Firki: Grateful

After several long days of travel, Firki was grateful to see the signs of Lavellan’s encampment. He longed for a meal other than nuts and berries. He also longed to have a shelter from the elements as he slept. He never realized how much he had taken those luxuries for granted.

He entered the encampment and was ushered right to Solque. Verimil was still there as well. “Ahh, you have returned with the journal,” Solque said as Firki approached. “Why don’t you come into my tent, we shall study it together.” Verimil opened his mouth to object, but closed it when Solque looked at him. Firki just did as he was told, grateful to finally have some shelter from the hot sun.

Once the tent flap was closed, Firki took the journal out and handed it to Solque. Solque waved his hand over the journal, muttered a few words and the journal levitated by itself opening the pages, the projecting an image above it. Firki opened his mouth to say something, but Solque put a finger to his lips. The projected image started to talk, as scenes played out before them. They learned about the origins of the elves in the current land, and how the brothers were the only ones who knew of these origins. It went on to show how the brothers received their magic, and how Vonali in particular only shared it with his son.

Then came the part about betrayal, the brothers and a man named Kanes had all agreed they would mentor those who now had magic, teaching them how to control and use it, while still allowing them their freedom to roam between districts, and in the forest. Vonali however, had convinced several with magic from the other clans to roam as far as the human villages. He had told them that if they got rid of the humans first, then they’d never be a threat to the clans.

Of course after the small raid he led on a small village not far from where the clans were living, it angered the humans to the point of needing revenge. They gathered men from neighboring villages and sought out the elves. The projection then showed all the elves running, being hastened by Kanes who was protecting them with his magic from the rear. Vonali and his son had fallen behind. Kanes had gone back to try and help them. Vonali refused saying his magic would be  enough, but his son accepted Kanes help making it to safety with the others. Vonali however had been captured, tortured by the men that the human church used to control magic users. In doing this it caused Vonali to lose some of his magic ability, somehow affecting his son’s ability as well.

“I understand now,” Solque replied, “and I believe I can fix it.” He went over to a chest at the far side of the tent. “We can be grateful that my great grandfather started my grandfather on keeping a diary. Kanes kept a diary on spells, and the family history,” Solque said as he produced a large journal from the chest. He started flipping through the pages, skimming each one as he did so until he finally stopped, stabbing a page with his finger. “This is the one,” he said.

Solque turned to Firki, muttered some words as he made some movements with his hand. When he stopped Firki felt something change in him. Almost like his body had been put through a filter and all the bad parts removed. “Try a spell,” he heard in his head. Firki did as the voice asked and tried a simple spell of changing the colors of his robes. “It… it worked,” Firki whispered as he watched his robes change to the exact color he wanted. “It worked,” he said a little louder as he looked up at Solque, who was smiling.

Without even thinking Firki went over to hug Solque. He was so grateful that his magic was now working properly. He would be able to show Syletha he was a competent apprentice and feel useful to his clan. “I am so grateful for your help. How can I ever repay what you’ve done for me?” he asked once the embrace was done.

“Learn from Vonali’s mistakes. Do no harm to others and always be loyal to those who you work with.”

Firki agreed he could do that, and then left Solque’s tent. Him and Verimil, then made the trek back to their own clan. Firki quickly impressed Syletha with the ease and accuracy he was now able to make elixers. He got so good at it, that soon he was being asked back to Solque’s clan to take over as their herbalist, since theirs had passed on to be with the creators. Grateful for the confidence they displayed in him and remembering Solque’s advice of using his magic to aid others, Firki seized the opportunity to help.

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