How Does that Make You Feel?

I’ve skipped a few days writing posts… the prompts hadn’t really inspired much, and the short story I started wasn’t coming through as quickly as I thought it might. Though it doesn’t help that I get distracted somewhat easily. One of these distractions is music videos on youtube. Lately it’s been mostly songs from Disney Channel TV shows, like Austin and Ally, or Milo Murphy’s Law, or Teen Beach.  You know it will be an interesting day when you wake up singing, call me criminal I won’t deny it…. chop chop chop, chop away at my heart…  Cruisin, for a bruisin…. 

Music has always been inspirational to me… even if I was never good at making it, or singing it… (Doesn’t keep me from doing it through). Before today’s prompt of the word music I actually had a blog post that I had already in a way dedicated to music. Feel free to jump to that post and read it by clicking here.

There have also been songs that no matter how many times you listen to them, there will always be that one or few times that you get a different feeling or different attitude towards it. One of those songs for me was called The Other Side by Aleksander With, a Norwegian artist. It inspired a poem that I wrote and then attempted to perform at a local program put on by a professional poetry performer. You can check out that post by clicking here.

Then other times I find myself in one of those moods where I’m not sure what I want to listen to, or what fits my mood. That’s usually when I find new songs to fall in love with. One of these songs was A Part of Me by Kurt Nilsen, another Norwegian artist. I had found that song soon after my grandmother had passed away, and after listening to it, and the song Never Easy also by Kurt Nilsen, I came up with a poem which I gave the same name. I used it in a previous Prompt blog, but in case you missed it, you can decide to go read it here.

Music inspires and helps us in many different ways. These are just a few things it’s inspired and helped me with. What has it done for you?

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