Discover Prompts – Note

Notes… so many uses for notes. When I was in school I spent a lot of time writing notes. Some of the notes that I wrote, were those given by a teacher. Words, examples and meanings written on a blackboard (or whiteboard) making it’s way onto my own piece of paper by the pencil in my hand. Of course when my mind would get bored and start to wander, I would pull out another piece of paper and write a note to a friend. Usually describing how boring the lecture was, what I had done after school the previous day, what day dreams I was trying to avoid by writing the note… etc.

I also tried band, while in school… I found that those notes I was horrible at reading… the counting thing also threw me off. Doesn’t stop me from wanting to learn guitar, or the drums… though it doesn’t exactly encourage me either.

I have continued to write notes, to family and friends since I left high school. Handwritten notes sent through the mail. E-mails were great and they saved the little dent in my finger from growing, but one grandmother didn’t have a computer, the other one wasn’t always good at getting my email address right, mom and dad have e-mails, but sometimes it was just easier to send a letter. My one grandmother enjoyed it so much, she would show off any letters (and emails if I had just wanted to say a quick word), to my parents whenever they visited.  So much for secrets.

I still like writing letters though it’s not as often anymore. Not as many like writing back, or have the time to write back, but it’s still nice to do away with the computer or phone, and pick up a pen and piece of paper and write ones thoughts down.

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