Discover Prompts – Pairs

When I first saw pairs as the writing prompt my first thought was relationships. The relationships I’ve had, the relationships I’ve lost… friends, family, lovers. Each pairing, every relationship, has strengthened and changed me. I’ve taken pieces of those who have paired with me, and I’ve given pieces of myself to them. Some pieces bigger than others to the point of being parts. Some pieces more important than others, but pieces all the same.

It all led me to thinking about a poem I wrote several months ago which was inspired by the song A Part of Me by Norwegian artist, Kurt Nilsen.

A part of me, used to live in the house on the hill,
A small part lies peacefully still, not to wake again,
While the rest now lives in confusion,
In a place some distance away

A part of me, used to live in the house on the corner,
A small part went silent long ago,
While the rest had lived in loneliness, until at last reunited
Complete silence now

A part of me, used to live on the state line
A small part of me left, and never returned
While the rest is forced to live without
Adjusting to the gap

What’s left of me lives between the alley and the road
A small part of me putting on a smile
While the rest is numb, almost non-existent
Wondering how to feel again


The pairings I have left, the pieces smaller, are still strong, and reliable, ever changing with the events of life. While, it still feels like pieces are missing, from the pairings that have been lost, there are always new pairings, new pieces to be had, and to be given.

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