Discover Prompts – Bite

When I saw today’s prompt it reminded me of a team dinner we had one evening before a basketball game. Usually at these meals we’d play games, watch movies, listen to music, all depending on the house and our mood.

So this one dinner we are sitting around the table talking about who knows what exactly when one of us mentioned milk, but pronounced it “melk”. The others started poking fun at the pronunciation. Well the excuse that was given, “I have an overbite”.
I sit there as I hear the excuse and do a little thinking before saying, “I have an overbite too and I still say milk.”
Then the next excuse. “Mine’s worse.”
“I can stick my tongue out without opening my mouth.”
Stunned silence for almost a whole minute, before everyone starts telling me to prove it. So I do, I stick my tongue out through the gap of my teeth which is still there when my teeth are tightly clenched together. Still not believing me, they tell me to open my mouth then bite down so they can see and hear the teeth come together then stick my tongue out. So I do. They react as if it’s the best trick they’ve ever seen.

While it does cause complications such as having to use my tongue to take a bite of thin crust pizza, I’m so used to it, it doesn’t even phase me.

Does the word bite conjure up any fun memories for you?


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