Discover Prompts – Curve

So I’ve been sitting here thinking about the word curve and mining through all the thoughts that come up. A lot of those thoughts are phrases or sayings such as, learning curve, staying ahead of the curve, or flattening the curve. The latter being the most recurring during this time of quarantine.

I started going through files on my computer wondering if that would provide some inspiration to get a different spin on the word. In doing so I ran across my file entitled stick figures. I’m not very good in the drawing department so stick figures are kinda my thing. When I was living far from my family and friends I wrote a lot of letters. Sometimes in these letters I would draw stick figure pictures to depict something I had written.  This one in particular was supposed to depict my ADD moment that I had written about in the letter. (I do not remember exactly what was written, and the letter was one I wrote many years ago).

As the picture clearly (and by this statement I mean not clearly at all), I had been working at my desk when my microwave went off signaling that food was ready. I got up singing along to the music on my iPod when I saw the puzzle I had been working on, and felt the need to work on it. The microwave dinged again, reminding me of my finished food. I left the puzzle and on my way to the kitchen something else caught my eye. I think my food was almost cold by the time I actually got to it.


Looking at this picture, thinking about that, I found that it was easy to compare it to life. We all know the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but life is rarely that easy or simple. I could have had a hot meal had I gone straight to the microwave, instead I detoured. Curves were thrown at me, so that by the time I reached my food it was cold.

In a way it’s just like life. You make plans, set goals… you see the straight line you need to take to get there, then life happens, throws you a couple curves and suddenly you’re in uncharted waters with a broken compass on a cloudy starless night.

Of course it’s when you get those curves, that the real adventures begin. 😀

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