Discover Prompts – Below

I struggled in finding the prompt this morning when I sat down to try to write. I ended up having a good conversation with a friend who has been away, and then went out to start burning some old unusable wood. After lunch, however, during one of the times I actually had service/wi-fi on my phone, I found the prompt, Below, it said. So I sat on my 4×4 board staring into the fire thinking of the word below.

Almost every thought or memory had negative connotations. Being looked down on, bullied, failing at a task, or just never being quit good enough. I pushed those thoughts from my head and focused on something else while watching the fire… figured I would come up with something else when I got back inside to actually sit down and write.

Unfortunately those negative connotations still stand. On the upside they don’t affect me like they used to. I’ve gained a thicker skin, and have learned how to distance myself from the negativity. The power of being comfortable with ones identity and ones self was one of the best lessons I could have learned as a kid. I like what I have below the surface. I do my best that’s all I got. I’ve even had some say they are envious of how I’m not afraid to be myself in all situations.

What’s below your surface? Do you bring it out?

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