The other night I had a dream
A dream that will not leave my thoughts
It sticks around,
Popping into my mind from time to time

A blackness falls
Almost like a whisky smokey blackness
A blackness so deep, you can’t see the end of your nose
A blackness so strange, no light can cut through.
But the strange doesn’t stop there
Because I can see.
I am like a light,
A light that cuts through this darkness
My husband and I meet a man,
A peculiar man
He insists on walking to his destination,
So we go
He talk, he questions,
He tries to plant false feelings of hate
Halfway along we pause,
Visit family
The peculiar man goes to the basement
Husband is speaking with father
Mother is doing dishes in the kitchen
While I stand and observe,
Give thought to the lies
I open the basement door to check on the stranger
The kitchen ceiling start to bulge
Like it will fall
I yell with concern, for mom to leave the kitchen
The more it bulges the more frantic I shout
Tears straining at my voice
Then it stops
Goes to normal
The danger is gone
The peculiar man beckons to me
I comply
He tells me that he has failed his master,
My light is too strong
I tell him I do not understand
He says, “I work for Satan. I am here to corrupt,
Many righteous have already fallen, but you…
An easy target, I could not sway.”
The stranger then disappears,
But the blackness does not leave
His words don’t make sense
My husband and I walk home
The blackness more deafening than before
But my vision,
My light still perfect
Breaking through the blackness like no other light can

Is it a message? A warning?
Hidden pride rising to the surface?
The latter, is probably the answer

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