Sometimes in the infinite realm of ideas that run through my head, I find that I can’t focus on just one idea or one theme. I want to try and write on everything and nothing. In attempting to write about laughter from the daily prompts, I find that I have much the same problem. Except in the depression that has taken over since losing my job, I find that it isn’t the ideas from writing that distract me from completing a task, but the need to be distracted by some game or some other device that causes me to pull out my mind’s empty box so as to not think of anything.

There has been no genuine laughter issued from my body since Monday afternoon. It’s been tears of sorrow and pain. Hence the distraction of games and other devices. I hear the laughter of others, of the young children I coach, and I cannot bring myself to join in their laughter. Sure I can smile and let out a smirk as I play along with their little games and fantasies, but there’s nothing genuine about it. A facade put in place to make it through the hour without breaking down. Attempting to be patient despite the urge to scream and yell.

Life is not complete without laughter. A good source of genuine laughter. Without it, the day drags on with no real purpose, or want to fulfill any adult responsibilities. Without doses of laughter, of genuine laughter, life really doesn’t seem all that worthwhile.

So if you find that laughter is not apart of your life, one may do well to re-evaluate ones doings so as to find the laughter and fun in life. As hard as it may be, the quest for laughter should not be completely ignored. Maybe put off for the day, but not ignored.


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