The Abduction

So, this is a little different. I wrote it while in high school. Apparently I had a strange imagination at that point in my life. 


It was mostly a normal day in the town of Lanarkia. All the kids were in school learning all the excitement a text book had to offer. On this day they did their best to hurry through their studies. They were going to have a special assembly later that day in which a hot new band straight out of Britain would be performing. One young girl, Lucinda, was beyond the point of excitement over the band being there. It wasn’t because there would be no afternoon classes, so that dreaded chemistry class would be miss, or the fact that she would get to listen to music all afternoon, her absolute favorite pastime. No she was excited because after all was said and done she was going to be able to finally meet her big brother Ash.

She had met him online and the two had soon found they had quite a bit in common. He had helped her through a lot of rough times and she had given him advice on his music. He was the bass player and even though he claimed to not be able to sing, had an amazing voice. Lucinda could only imagine how things would go when they met.

Her thoughts however were interrupted by a tapping on the door followed by screaming coming through the adjacent walls. She looked up with the rest of her classmates to find a red and pink spotted tree trunk looking at her. At least she thought it was looking at her, it was hard to tell which way the eyes were actually pointing they rotated all around the top of the head. The thing spoke in English and told the class to report to the gymnasium where they would be held captive until the leader decided which students to take back to the mother ship.

Lucinda was now a little bummed because she thought this meant she’d never get to meet her big brother. All the other kids got up and ran out screaming, but she just plodded along upset her day was ruined by a tree trunk. She followed the others and took a seat with her friends at the top of the bleachers. She started whispering with them trying to pass a little more time as more students came running in.

By the time that all the kids were seated, the band members came out and started to set up for the concert. They didn’t notice the little tree trunks, but were a little confused as to why all the students were already there.  Ash quickly scanned the crowd and found his little sister standing and waving at him. He smirked; his little sister had always been a perky person.

The little tree trunks were very annoyed by these newcomers. They were speaking odd English, and had these weird instruments. What annoyed them most was this girl standing up near the top of the bleachers bouncing around like an excited little puppy. Humans were weird.

The band started playing and everyone started to relax a little. The tree trunks however were very disturbed by the music. They let them play and kept watch on the students. Maybe this would help them pick out the two students to take.

Lucinda was excited the band was still playing. She knew all the songs started singing along. Her friends just turned and stared. She quickly beckoned at her friends and got them to follow her down the bleachers and to the gym floor. She started dancing and singing along and her friends slowly started to join in. By this time the whole student body was staring at her.

Ash had been watching his sis the whole time and started laughing when he noticed everyone staring at her. He knew how weird it must have been for everyone. His little sister who only listened to country was singing along with a rock bands songs. He got to laughing so hard he stopped playing all together. The band stopped soon after Ash did, and stared at him. Lucinda stopped dancing and singing to stare at the band to find out why they stopped, only to see her brother pointing at her and laughing. She started laughing too when she turned back around and realized everyone was staring at her.

The tree trunks were also staring at the two humans. This made their decision easy. Soon as they could get the two separated from the rest they would get them to the spaceship. They had the first part of their idea done for them when the two got together and walked off into the hallway to talk.

Lucinda was so excited when Ash took her hand and led her into the hallway so they could chat. She couldn’t help but give him a huge hug. Ash was happy to see his sister like this. She had been really down the past couple of weeks and he was glad to put a smile on her face. He was about to tell her something when his legs were pushed out from underneath him and toppled to the ground. He rolled over onto his back just in time to catch Lucinda who fell on top of him.

The tree trunks quickly rolled up the carpet with the humans in it and carried them out of the school. They could hear the humans talking but couldn’t make out what they were saying. They got them out to the cornfield a mile east of the town and signaled to the spaceship.

Lucinda was really scared and hid her face in Ash’s chest as best she could. Ash was more scared than a squirrel frozen in the middle of the road, but he could feel his sister’s tears on his chest and started talking to her. He wasn’t sure what to talk about but he just started talking about the band, his new girlfriend, the upcoming events and everything else going on in his life. It seemed to work she stopped crying and started talking back.

They talked for what seemed like forever when they felt the carpet being unrolled. As it loosened Ash shifted so he could hold his sisters hand. Whatever was going to happen he wanted her to know he was right there with her.

The tree trunks got the two humans out of the carpet in time for them to be lifted up to the spaceship. Lucinda squeezed her brother’s hand a little tighter than she should have but she couldn’t help it. Before her stood a seven foot tall being whose brain took up at least the last foot of its height. Ash noticed a tube behind them and pulled his sister into it and pressed every button he could. The door shut and him and his sister were soon lying in a cornfield.

Lucinda came out of her daze as they hit the ground and as quick as she could, pulled her brother to his feet and drug him behind her as she took off running. The tree trunks just watched them run and had no idea what to do. They were too stunned to go after them.

Ash finally got his legs to work on his own, and started running with his sister instead of her dragging him along. They ran back to the high school where they jumped in Lucinda’s truck. She took him back to the hotel his band was staying at and spent the rest of the night there.

They never told anyone what had happened that afternoon. From that day on she travelled with the band; stuck close to her brother so she could watch out for him and he could watch out for her. The aliens definitely kept a watch on them. They were just bidding their time before they went back down to earth to get the two humans that escaped them.

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