Peas in a Pod, Pt. 5

The next day at school, Xai was called to the principal’s office. She was a little worried because she hadn’t done anything yet. Her plan was still being put together. When she entered the office, she saw the boys who had beat up Tahlmus the day before and their parents.

The principal just had her stand in the back of the room until he asked about the ER visit. Xai explained the pain her cousin had been in, the x-ray results and the doctor’s orders. Once she was done the principal played the video. Xai watched as the parents moved uncomfortably.

After being told they were getting detention the parents stood and left, followed by the boys. Todd stopped and whispered in Xai’s ear. “You’ll pay for this, and your cousin isn’t here to protect you.”

Xai smirked. “You can try, but even though my parents are gone, I still know all their friends and they are more powerful than your parents.”

Todd growled. “You’re bluffing.”

“Try me,” Xai said giving Todd a slight push as she left the principal’s office.

The morning had gone quickly after that. Xai made sure to take extra care with her notes so Tahlmus could copy them later. She also made sure to grab all of his assignments.

Xai was talking to Cherry and Lemon while waiting for PE to start, when Todd came sauntering over. Knowing the cameras that overlooked the field were being kept on, Xai just ignored him when Todd tried to get her attention. She couldn’t get in too much trouble if it was self-defense.

When Xai didn’t respond after he voiced her name the third time, Todd tried to grab her arm to spin her around. Xai was so quick, Todd didn’t know what happened, until he felt pain in his arm and shoulder. She had twisted his arm up behind his back. “You better leave my cousin and me alone,” her whispered voice was harsh, “or next time I will break your arm. Understood?”

“Y… yes.” Todd nodded.

“Good,” Xai said releasing his arm. “Now leave me alone.” She watched as Todd scurried away.

“Can you teach us to do that?” Lemon asked pointing her herself and Cherry.

Xai nodded with a smile as the teacher arrived and started to take attendance.

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