Discover Prompts – Slow

Right before the virus really took off here in the states, fast was how things were done. I had spent the end of January and all of February preparing for our Lions District Convention. I had a booklet to make, and took care of registration, and then helping finish up planning and setting everything up. Not to mention the normal things I did for Lions Club as a secretary for my club and the tech person for my dad (who is the District Governor), plus I also am a co-troop leader for Girl Scouts, and I was apart of a bowling league. Between that and managing all of my spouses appointments, for VA re-eval and appointments for my friend who lived an hour away… I was one busy little beaver.

The week of convention, which was the first weekend in March, I don’t think I slept. On top of all the activities that were going on, and the last minute preparations for the convention, I had decided to get back to the gym (which is 45 minutes from my house), since there was no longer the worry of slick roads. And this wasn’t a… lets ease back into this… kind of going back to the gym, this was… hit it super hard and now I can’t move after sitting for five minutes… going back to the gym.

I took a full week off of planning and activities to give my body and mind time to destress; then a week after that, everything was shutting down. Now slow seems to be the new normal. While it hasn’t changed too much for my spouse or roommate as they were both introverts; preferring to stay home. Not having other things to do, or the quick pace of what life was before this has almost been stressing me out more. Yes it’s been great to go out with my dog and play fetch in our backyard. And yes, since I’m always home and can keep the spouse on task, we built the second flower bed for our deck, built a three dog kennel/entertainment center, digging up our backyard to put in tiling, and burning off all the scrap wood that been laying in our yard for almost two years. It’s an exciting day when you can keep a fire going for 4 hours.

While I do enjoy the slow pace, and don’t necessarily want things to go back to exactly the way they were before. I would be happy if the pace could pick up a little bit, or if it was possible to get back into some of the activities and pursuits I was involved in, before we went into quarantine.

What have you enjoyed? What do you miss?

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