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I almost wasn’t going to write for this one, I have loved books my entire life. In fact one memory I have is in second grade, we were doing Book-it, (For those who don’t know you read so many minutes a month and you got a certificate for a free personal pan pizza at pizza hut). Well, one month a friend and I decided to have a competition to see who could read more, as we both claimed to love reading more than the other. The day came to turn in our sheets, I had read well over 2000 minutes. She had read over 3000. So needless to say she won that month, but together we had read for more minutes than the rest of the class combine (about 20-22 other students).

Another memory I have with books, is when I picked one out for the accelerated reader program (where you read a book took a test on it and got points for it), and it turned out to be a super sad book. I was in 6th grade at that point in time, and had been reading on my own, probably since about 1st grade. The book turned out to be so sad, I actually went downstairs to my mom and had her finish reading it to me.

As I got older and had more responsibilities I didn’t read as much, but still found time to read. Around this time last year, my grandmother had been through radiation treatments to no avail. Hospice had been called in, and to help keep her at home, I would go over to kinda hang out, keep her company and help her with anything she needed. I finished quite a few books in that time, as grandma took many naps. The ending of the one series was… to this day… still very disappointing as I imagined it way differently, but the series on the whole was very good. (oook done with that side track).  Near the end of the month, last year grandma was moved into a hospice facility because we just couldn’t care for her at home anymore, which slowed my reading pace a little bit.

Then a week later she passed away, and I basically stopped reading. A few month ago, I found a game app, that had stories and allowed you to make choices which changed how the story flowed. After being on that for a several weeks, I started to pick up books and read again, and by that I mean I started the Witcher Series. I was doing really well at the beginning of quarantine, then a conversation reminded me that it’s coming up on a year since everything  happened with my grandmother and my reading trailed off to become non-existent.

My writing however has taken off (a short story and one poem to fill a request from a friend) though my creativity seems to peak around midnight to one in the morning. So I guess now instead of reading books, I’m working at creating them.

One thought on “Discover Prompts – Book

  1. Books accompany us through some difficult times, and there are also times when they can’t comfort us and other things take their place. But for me, I always come back to books. I’m pleased you have too, and that you are starting to create stories and worlds of your own ☺️

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