The Kingdom

Once upon a time, (this is how all stories start, so here we go), there was a large kingdom (A better term would be realm, but the members of this kingdom preferred the term kingdom.). Within this Kingdom there were many empires. Some were small, some were large (and of course not equal), some were just happy to exist.    Each of these empires had a hero (some a group of a few heroes), and this hero would travel the land forming alliances and treaties with other empires.

Some of these alliances started to turn into guilds (small powerhouses to stay safe from the big bullies). When this would happen the hero (or group of heroes) would pick up all their buildings and farms, and travel to be closer to those in the same guild. It was quite the task, but the people of this kingdom were advanced in forms of magic other realms could only dream of. It allowed them to pick up everything at once and instantly appear at the exact coordinates that they needed to be (we’re going to call it teleportation).

As the guilds formed they would choose one hero to lead them. This hero would then pick others to be on his council. Councils ranged from 3 or 4 members to the whole guild (these heroes tended to be indecisive).  Skirmishes would happen from time to time; Fights over land, resources, the occasional monster that wandered around. Heroes would even be captured and held hostage for periods of time to gain much needed items or respect.

Time went on and the Kingdom became fairly peaceful, those looking for fights would fight and test each others metal, while others slowly worked at getting stronger. This was working well, until one day the ruler of the realm got very sick. News of this fatal sickness spread to other realms (because they actually called themselves realms).

War soon broke out between the realms each vying for the power over this one kingdom (or in their terms, realm). It set off several wars which ended in realms converging into one more powerful realm (However that didn’t mean things were great inside the realm and they would basically self-destruct). All the extra war made it so this one Kingdom with the failing ruler could build, and come together as one under the ruler’s successor, a young man with a captivating voice and abilities to delegate jobs to the most qualified candidate.

Months after the ruler had died, things came to a head (meaning S**t got real.), and the realm with a new leader was pitted against the realms that were left (by this time there was only 3 other reams left). Whatever lack of strength and experience the young leader had, was made up with quick thinking and manipulation (Meaning the young leader got the other 3 realms to take each other out so his was the only one standing), which lead to his realm winning out.

With this victory, all realms merged into one, and a peace overcame the land. The empires helped each other rebuild, and prepare for the day it would happen all over again.

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