Devil Dog

So, because normally as I sit here trying to type or work on other projects, my dog, Tahlmus decides he just can’t leave me alone. In fact during one of my Marco Polo videos with a friend he crawled onto my lap, sat facing me, putting a paw on each shoulder and proceeded to lick my face.

Another time (and reason for the title) I was having a bad day emotionally, and I crawled into bed to take a nap. Tahlmus however had other ideas. He jumped up on the bed started sticking his nose in my face. Then sit there and paw at me until I moved enough he could lay down. One of his favorite positions is lying on his back, which after finally lying down, is exactly the position he went into. Rollin about trying to get my attention.

As annoyed as I was, he never fails to amuse. I did eventually get my nap, but not before I got a couple pictures of this lil devil dog.

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