I have never been one to be fascinated with Halloween. Yes, when I was younger I enjoyed dressing up in costumes and going around to get candy; however, as I got older than became less appealing. I’m not one to decorate or make any special treats at Halloween. It’s just not my holiday… at least… It hasn’t been my holiday in the past.

This year seems to be a different story. I find that since moving back to Illinois I’ve gained two friends who love this time of year. So I have found myself at haunted houses. Went to my first one on their opening night. Once I got past the fact that I was doomed to continually run into walls that I couldn’t see… I actually had a good time. Also helped that I learned that it was ok to interact with the actors and just plain be myself when doing that (my sarcastic fun loving self). That doesn’t mean however that I don’t still jump at sudden sounds, or sudden appearances, cause I do. I freely admit that. Like I told my friend today, gets the heart pumping as if you were doing cardio. So you get your cardio workout in without actually having to do the cardio.

My friends have brought about a different viewpoint of Halloween this year. Might even be different enough that. I’ll make cookies. Probably won’t decorate, but I’ll make cookies. mmmm Cookies.


Happy October Everyone!


(Had a little fun with a paint app I have on my computer. I don’t think it turned out too bad… not really good, but I’m satisfied with it considering my limitability of tools within the program to work with.) 

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