So my parents place is going to be torn down and then this next spring a new house built in it’s place. Because of this, I have been going through a lot of things that had been left at the house. One of the items I found was a poem that I wrote after a friend of around 14 years decided we weren’t going to be friends anymore. It’s funny how I read it now so many years later and find that it almost seems to apply itself to some current situations.

So here it is a blast from my past….


I thought I knew you
And could trust you, 
But you ditched me.
Pushed me away. 
You said I was wrong
In wanting to wait.
Yet You waited. 
You’d yell at me
For thinking
Yet you went out and did.
I admitted to my mistakes
You… well, those were
My fault as well. 
I didn’t question you
When you changed, 
But when I refused
I was shunned. 
I stood beside you,
Because you were my friend
I stood behind you
When life got rough.
We had our differences.
Everyone does, 
But you were always right.
I was always wrong. 
Now it’s done,
And I’m left wondering,
What went wrong?

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