Tahlmus and the Sirens: The Next Adventure, Pt. 7

Celestial approached Tahlmus’ room. She noticed that the door was only partially closed. Tahlmus always left it that way when he was expecting one of them, and just wanted them to walk right in. She reached out to push the door open, then pulled her arm back. She knew she should go in, but she didn’t think she was ready. 

“Please come in,” she heard. The voice was soft, and sad, but inviting. Celestial reached her hand out pushing the door open and walked into Tahlmus’ room. She found him sitting on his bed, feet on the floor, elbows on his knees, face in his hands. Celestial turned to shut the door. When she turned back around Tahlmus still had his elbows on his knees, but his hands were clasped together, and he was looking at her. He looked older. He always looked older when a decision tormented him. 

Tahlmus motioned for Celestial to come sit by him. The decision he was trying to make wasn’t easy, and having her nearby always helped, though he knew she wouldn’t like what he was going to do. None of them would. He put his arm around her as she sat next to him. “You know that my heart belongs to you, Coral, Fleur, and Laguna right?” he asked. Celestial just nodded. She already didn’t like where this was going. “You also know that I would do whatever necessary to protect all of you… right?” Celestial nodded again, as Tahlmus started to fidget with a loose string hanging off his robes. 

“That elixir will no longer run through Lillianna’s veins in five days time. Mystic knows this, and he will be trying to locate her. He must have figured out after taking Kanes that she’d try to find me. The protective wards around this building will help protect her but..” Tahlmus trailed off. 

“But what?” Celestial asked looking at him. 

“He won’t stop looking for her, she won’t be able to ever leave this estate, even to just go to town. It will be like she’s a prisoner,” Tahlmus paused. “I can’t allow that,” he continued. “I can’t be the reason she can’t leave.” 

“But Tahlmus…” she didn’t get to finish as he brought a finger to her lips. 

“That’s not the only problem,” he whispered. “If that journal is correct and Kanes and I both have Draconic magic, then he wouldn’t even need to use Lillianna to find me. The fact he has means he doesn’t yet know the spell that dragons use to find their missing kin” 

“Celestial nodded. “Fleur told us about that. She said she’s been reading about dragons… but if he doesn’t know the spell, what’s the problem?” Tahlmus opened his mouth, then closed it and shook his head. If Fleur had been reading up on dragons, then he knew the next pet she’d try to find would be a dragon. 

“I’ve used that spell,” Tahlmus said softly. “Before you got here. I know where Kanes is, and I’ve seen what Mystic has done to him. I have to either let Lillianna take me to Mystic, or I have to go myself. I…” Tahlmus didn’t get to say anymore. 

“No,” Celestial said, taking both of his hands in hers. “You can’t. It’s too dangerous.”
“Celestial, I have to.” 

She started shaking her head, anger, frustration and sadness all fighting for her attention. “You can’t,” she said again. Tahlmus tried to open his mouth, but she continued. “I won’t let you. I order you to stay here.” 

“Celestial please…” 

“No, you still belong to us, and I say you can’t go,” Celestial then stood and walked out.

Tahlmus rose to follow, but felt something on his wrists holding him back. Looking down he saw cuffs on his wrists, and chains that led back to the wall. “Really?” he thought with slight frustration. “Celestial,” he called out, but she didn’t even turn back as she hurried to her own room. 

By the time Tahlmus was able to focus enough to break the cuffs, Celestial was already back to her room. Unsure what to do next, he left his room and went back to his office. Using his magic he found every book he had on draconic magic and started reading. 

He was still reading when Coral came knocking on his door the next morning. He had learned a lot and he thought he knew why Coral was starting to display some of his magic. Tahlmus smiled at her as she walked in.

“You haven’t slept yet, have you?” Coral asked as she sat in the chair across from him. Tahlmus just shook his head in answer to her question. He could feel her magic wanting to probe his thoughts. 

“It’s.. a… It’s a little early for breakfast isn’t it?” He finally asked after they’d sat in silence for a few minutes. 

Coral nodded. “Celestial came and spoke with us this morning. She told us what had happened.” 

“And you all agreed with her ordering me to stay.”

Coral shrugged. “I think we need more information on Mystic, and the magic you and your brother share, before you go off by yourself.” 

Tahlmus nodded. What Coral said made sense. He knew nothing of the power that Mystic had, and he didn’t fully understand the power Kanes and him would have access to, when they got together. He wasn’t even sure how well it would work since they were trained differently.

“You have a valid point,” Tahlmus stated. “And we have a school year to prepare for.” Coral nodded. “Ok, I won’t leave right away. I’ll research things and come up with a plan.” 

Coral smiled, before she started fidgeting. Convincing him to follow Celestial’s order had not been why she had come to visit him. Her ability to read others thoughts and sense their presence was getting stronger. She even found that she could voice her thoughts to others through thought. 

“I haven’t forgotten what Fleur said about your powers being weird,” Tahlmus stated. “I think I have that figured out.” Coral’s eyes flicked up at him. “When someone with Draconic magic falls in love, or becomes intimate with someone who does not have that form of magic.. the magic itself starts to seed itself in that person, allowing them certain abilities, depending on what they like most about their partner.”

“Wait, so I’m taking your powers?” Coral asked feeling a panic well up in her. 

Tahlmus shook his head. “No, we’ve been more intimate with each other than I have with the others; so my magic allows you the ability to weave spells and abilities that you find attractive in me.” He stood after finishing the sentence, and walked over to Coral offering her his hand, which she accepted. “It’s not a bad thing,” he whispered, before embracing her. “Let’s go to breakfast.” 

Coral nodded and let Tahlmus escort her to the dining hall, which was already starting to fill up. Upon seeing Celestial, Tahlmus went over to speak to her. She turned her back on him, but didn’t walk away. Tahlmus apologized for not thinking everything through, and that he would not leave to try and find Mystic anyone soon. Celestial still did not look at him. He got down on his knees, apologizing again. This time Celestial turned to look at him. “I can’t lose you,” she whispered. 

Tahlmus stood wrapping her in a hug. “You won’t lose me. I promise,” he stated kissing her forehead before escorting her back to the table. 

The rest of the day passed quickly. Tahlmus was glad as staying up all night had not been one of his best ideas. But he knew he had one more thing to do that night, as the group retired from their school planning. Lillianna had even been able to fully participate as Tahlmus weaved some magic to keep the elixir from working. 

“Celestial,” Tahlmus went up to her and took her hand. “Come with me,” he said giving her hand a gentle tug. 

“But what about supper?” She asked following him up the stairs of one of the estates turrets. 

“I’ve got something I think you’ll like,” he said leading her out a doorway and onto the walkway between turrets. Before them was a table set for two, candles slowly burning with instrumental music playing softly in the background. 

“Tahlmus…I…” she couldn’t find the words as Tahlmus gave a wave of his hand, and her clothes changed to a floor length, strapless red dress, with a clean split up to her hip, that shimmered in the fading light. Looking over at Tahlmus she noticed that he had on a black suit with a red vest and tie.  “What… I mean…” Celestial was at a loss for words. 

Tahlmus escorted her to the table and pulled out the chair for her to sit down, before he himself sat down. “You’ve never been on a real date, so I thought if you wanted me to be your husband, I should take you on a proper date.” 

Celestial was speechless. She had no idea how to respond. Tahlmus had been the only male she had gotten close to, and at times, she had wondered if his actions towards her had only been because he hadn’t had a choice. Even now, she had some doubts about whether or not it was by his own choice to prepare everything for the evening. 

“I’ve always had a choice, Celestial. Everything I’ve done for you has always been my choice.” She looked at him in the candlelight. She still had some doubts. “You are not forcing me into anything,” Tahlmus said as he took hold of both of Celestial’s hands. “Trust me,” he whispered. With those two words her doubts faded away. With a slight nod of his head, plates of seasoned egg noodles with sausage, bell peppers and mushrooms magically appeared. 

The conversation was pleasant as they ate. Celestial found she liked having Tahlmus’ full attention, and Tahlmus enjoyed only having to focus on one woman the entire night. Although as dinner went on, he started to feel nervous. It was almost time, and while he had gone over the words in his head many times, he was worried they wouldn’t come out right. 

As they finished eating Tahlmus gave an unnoticeable flick of his finger. The music got louder, and the song changed to one with words. Celestial did not know the song, but Tahlmus seemed to, as he stood asking her to dance. She accepted the hand he offered. She had never slow danced before. He held her close as they moved in slow circles near the table. Part way through the song Tahlmus moved his head so that his mouth was near her ear, and he softly sang, “Now I know that I need you here with me, from tonight until the end of time…” hearing the words come from him sent a shiver down her spine. 

Tahlmus spun her around as the song came to an end, as she came back to facing him, he got down on one knee and a small box appeared in his hand. “Celestial, you are an amazing woman. You took me in and helped me, when you could have just left me wallowing in my grief and frustration on that beach. I was to stubborn to realize it then, but you became my rock, my stability. Whenever I feel things are getting out of control, all you have to do is place your hand on my shoulder and I know everything is going to be alright. I cannot make it through life without you.” He started to open the box. “Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” He held the box with the ring up to her as he finished. 

Celestial found herself  wanting to squeal, scream, laugh and cry. All she could do to answer him was nod her head smiling. Tahlmus slipped the ring on her finger as he stood, then kissed her. Normally if he kissed her, it was to calm her, or to make her feel better, but this one was different. It was passionate, and it excited her in ways she was unfamiliar with. 

Tahlmus led her back to his room, where with a wave of his hand their clothes changed. Celestial found herself in a soft light weight pair of shorts and a loose fitting shirt that felt like silk. Glancing over at Tahlmus, She couldn’t help but stare. He was only in a pair of shorts. She couldn’t remember a time when she saw him in anything less than his robes. Celestial felt closer to him that night, as they lay together in bed slowly falling asleep as they chatted. 

The next morning, they went to see the Priestess of their village, as Celestial convinced him to do the ceremony as soon as possible. The Priestess did not like the idea of bonding an elf to a human, but Tahlmus’ power gave him sway with some important people, so she performed the ceremony. After their lips parted from the kiss, Celestial wondered what they did next. Having heard her thought, Tahlmus wore a mischievous grin, and whispered in her ear what he had planned on doing as soon as they were back at the estate. A pleasurable shiver went through her, as she felt his hot breath on her ear and his lips brush against her neck. He transported them back to his room where they spent the rest of the morning, getting lost in each other’s arms. 

As lunch rolled around, Tahlmus magicked up some lunch after which Celestial reluctantly agreed that they should attend to their responsibilities. News of their union had spread amongst the other Sirens. They were all happy for Celestial and wished to do nothing but hear about how it had all happened, which she was all too willing to share. 

Tahlmus sat in his office, working on plans for the school year and reading more on Draconic magic, trying to come up with a plan to save Kanes. As it got close to supper time, he left his office and went to find Laguna. Once he found her, he whisked her away from the estate, and down to the beach. 

When they got close to the water, Tahlmus gave a small wave of his hand and she was suddenly in a spaghetti strap flower patterned dress, that went just below her knees. His robes changed to a pair of shorts and a skin tight shirt. Laguna liked what she saw, both on her and on him. He then led her a little ways further along where the blanket lay in the sand. As they sat on the blanket, Tahlmus gave his hand a wave and a silver platter of crab and a silver platter of shrimp appeared. Laguna squealed with delight. She loved crab and shrimp. It had been the one thing she had missed when becoming a Siren. 

They finished eating as the sun was setting. Tahlmus then suggested taking a walk. Laguna readily agreed and accepted the arm that he offered. They walked along the edge, letting the water gently play over their feet. As the last rays of sun was dipping below the horizon, Tahlmus gently pulled her a little ways away from the water. 

Laguna was about to ask him what he was doing when she watched him get down on one knee. “Laguna, you’ve always had the shoulder to lean on when I lost all hope, and when that wasn’t enough you brought out the dancing milk carton. My life wouldn’t be complete without you,” he said as he opened the little box that had appeared in his hand. “Would you be my wife?”

Laguna nodded. “Yes,” she managed to whisper. He slipped the ring on her finger as he stood. He didn’t even get a chance to lean into kiss her as she pressed her lips to his. He relished in ever second of the kiss. It was sweet, and more passionate than he’d seen or felt from Laguna. “Can we get married in the morning, like you did with Celestial?”

“If you wish it to be,” Tahlmus replied. 

“I do,” she replied. “Can we go back to the estate? I have some things to prepare then before morning.” 

Trying not to show his shock, Tahlmus shrugged and transported them back to the estate. Laguna ran off to her room and Tahlmus went to his. With no-one around he sat on his bed with his eyes closed muttering the spell that had allowed him to find Kanes. Except instead of looking in on Kanes, Tahlmus tried to locate the dragon who was the source of their magic. It took a little extra time, but he located Urytemil. To his surprise the dragon was in a cave nearby.

“I gotta go…” his thought was interrupted by a knock on the door. “Come in,” he said. The door opened and Fleur came walking in with the cage holding her niflers. 

“Something is wrong with Fluffy,” Fleur said. “She’s still breathing, but she won’t move. Mr. Sniffles can’t even get her to move.” Fleur held the cage out to Tahlmus who took hold of it, and set it on his bed. He opened the cage and took the female out, using his magic to examine her. 

“She’s going into labor, but something’s wrong,” Tahlmus said. “Just give me a minute,” he continued as Fleur opened her mouth to speak. He let his magic go for a few more minutes before casting another spell. The female nifler started moving a little more wanting to get back to the cage. Tahlmus put her back, making sure the door was closed. A few minutes later, she’d had three baby niflers. Fleur squealed with delight, hugging Tahlmus. “Thank you,” she said before carefully picking up the cage and turning to leave. 

“Fleur,” Tahlmus started. “Celestial says you’ve been reading about dragons.” Fleur bit her lip and nodded. “How would you like to meet one tomorrow?” He asked. Fleur’s eyes lit up. “We will set out after lunch,” he said. Fleur squealed again going back over to hug him before leaving. 

Despite being tired, Tahlmus fell into a restless sleep. It felt like he had just fallen asleep when Laguna came knocking. He shook the sleep form his eyes, as he told her to come in. If he had not been fully awake before she walked in, he was after. The sleeveless dress she was wearing started as off white at her shoulders, fading into a deep purple at her ankles, where she had on a deep purple pair of heels that sparkled when the light hit them. Her hair was down in curls that gently  fell around her face, the tips tinged in purple. 

“Wow,” Tahlmus whispered. “You are stunning.” 

Laguna blushed. “Thank you,” she said smiling. With a wave of his hand Tahlmus was in a set of deep purple dress robes that had a gold trim to them. Offering his arm they left the estate and went to see the priestess. Again the priestess did not like the idea of bonding a human to an elf, especially a second woman to the same man, despite it being a common practice among the nobility. However like the day before she performed the ceremony as she didn’t wish for Tahlmus to raise a fuss. 

After the kiss to complete the ceremony had ended, Laguna pulled him along back to the estate. She pulled him all the way to her room. With the door shut she pulled him over to the corner that was full of blankets and pillows. “Look,” she whispered excitedly. 

Tahlmus was confused by her behavior, but he did as she asked. He found sleeping all snuggled up in the corner three baby milk cartons. “They.. uh… They have wings,” he said. 

Laguna squealed. “I know! A fairy came in and helped while Midge was having the babies. She then blessed each of them with the ability to fly and sprinkled pixie dust on them.” Tahlmus gaped at her. He wasn’t sure what to say, as Laguna put the baby milk cartons in his arms. “Aww… look they like you already,” she said as they snuggled closer to him. After a couple minutes she took them back. “It’s almost time for their feeding,” she said. “One of these nights you’ll have to come back and read them a bedtime story.” 

“uh…ok,” Tahlmus said unsure of what else to say or do. At Laguna’s urging he left her room. Unsure what to do as he’d made no plans for the morning, he wandered the estate, talking to the different Sirens he met along the way. It was almost noon when Fleur found him. She was carrying a picnic basket. 

“I know you said after lunch,” she started, “but can we leave now?”

“Uh… sure,” Tahlmus stated as Fleur looped her arm in his and started leading him out of the estate. From there she turned to him for direction. Tahlmus pointed northward and they were off again. 

Once they got outside of town, they found a small group of shade trees to sit under and eat. The meal Fleur had packed was delicious, but Tahlmus found he didn’t get to savor much of it as Fleur was anxious to keep moving. At her request he used his magic to send the basket back to the estates kitchen and they continued on. 

Soon they left the path going into the forest, which continued to get thicker the further they walked until they could no longer see the sun. Using his magic, Tahlmus generated a small wisp of light that floated above them lighting the way. 

“I wondered when you would seek me out, Tahlmus,” a voice sounded in Tahlmus’ head that caused him to stop walking. He looked around. He didn’t see anything and he knew they had not yet reached the cave. 

“What is it?” Fleur asked. 

“He knows we’re here,” Tahlmus whispered, as he heard the voice in his thoughts again. “I felt your magic when you tried to locate me. For you to have done that, must mean that Kanes is in trouble.” 

“Yes,” Tahlmus replied through thought as he drew Fleur close to him. “I read the journal my biological father kept, so I have learned of my origin, but I need to learn more about Mystic and my powers.” Tahlmus looked around again willing the wisp out away from them so he could see better. 

“What was that?” Fleur asked in a whisper, as they heard leaves rustle behind them. As they turned around a figure came out from the trees. Tahlmus’ wisp moved to shine light on the approaching figure. It was a man, tall, slim, muscular, with jet black hair, and bright emerald eyes. 

“Oh good,” the man said. “You brought the wife that loves creatures,” the voice was the same as he’d heard in his head. 

“I… well.. I haven’t actually…” he felt Urytemil’s magic probing his thoughts. 

“Get on with it then.” 

“I… uh.. well… this isn’t exactly…” Tahlmus’ words trailed off as the emerald eyes bore into him. “Right…” he said sensing the mans thoughts. “Do you really need her to…” he stopped as the man shook his head. Urytemil could not let Fleur know about the dragon egg, until she was married to Tahlmus, that was the condition placed on him. 

“Ok, well.. Fleur… this wasn’t exactly what I had planned but…” Tahlmus got down on one knee holding a small box. “Fleur, your love for creatures has always amazed me, and it is what drew me to you. Your love for me showed in your excitement to share those creatures with me. You make my life interesting and fun,” he said. Then he open the small box, revealing a small dragon shaped ring. “you would make me a very happy man if you would be my wife.” 

Fleur smiled with tears in the corner of her eyes. “Yes, of course,” she squealed. Tahlmus put the ring on her finger as he stood. As soon as the ring was on, Fleur threw her arms around him, but she didn’t get to kiss him as the man interrupted. 

“Transport back to the village, go to the priestess, get married. I will meet you back at the estate,” the man said before he disappeared. 

“Who was that?” Fleur asked. 

“That… uh… That was the dragon we were looking for,” Tahlmus replied. “We better do as he says.” Fleur nodded as she held onto Tahlmus, and he transported them to the chantry. The priestess was definitely not happy about seeing him twice in one day with yet another human woman, but she performed the ceremony, hoping she would not see the male elf again. 

Once the ceremony was done, Tahlmus transported them back to the estate where they found the man waiting in the main entrance. Fleur clung to Tahlmus. Only a really powerful dragon could change into a human form. In recent history there had only been one dragon, a black dragon, powerful enough to do it. Many had sought out the dragon for his power, many perished. Only two were known to have escaped the fate of death, Mystic and who she now understood was Tahlmus’ father. 

No-one else who had ever crossed the black dragon’s path had lived to tell the tale, but their screams from the torture they endured could be heard for miles. Now he was there standing as a human in what she considered her home. Fleur was terrified. 

“Fleur,” the man started in a low growl-like voice. “There is a present for you waiting in your room. I will assume you’ve read enough to know what to do. I’ve been waiting for months for Tahlmus to realize his path. Now go, I must speak to him alone.” Fleur looked at Tahlmus who nodded at her. She managed to let go of him and ran of to her room. 

Tahlmus watched Fleur leave. He knew what was waiting for her and he knew she would be excited. What he didn’t know was why. As he turned back to the man standing before him, he studied him. There was something familiar about him, and it was more than just the magical signature he gave off which Tahlmus realized was very similar to his own. 

“You’ve been watching over me,” Tahlmus finally said breaking the silence when he realized why the man looked familiar. He had seen him at the Hahren’s house growing up. “Why?” Tahlmus asked. 

“When Kanes wasn’t growing in power the way he should have been, I wondered why. You were both conceived under the full moon, you both had my power and the prophecy said together you’d be more powerful than any creature on this earth, including me.” Tahlmus nodded. He had read that much in the journal. “I however, realized too late, that you received all the dominant traits; so for Kanes magic to grow the way it needed to, he needed to be near you. After realizing that, the second part of the prophecy started to make sense.” 

“Which was?”

“That I cannot fully reveal, but you have two more wives to take. One before I can speak with you further. Propose to her tonight and get married in the morning. We will then meet in the afternoon to start forming a plan to finish off Mystic and save Kanes. 

“Tahlmus nodded. “Wait.. two?” He asked a little too late. The man was already gone. Tahlmus sighed. “Well, I guess I better go find Coral,” he thought as he wandered further into the estate, using his magic to locate Coral. 

“Hey, you ok?” He asked as he stood in the doorway of her room. 

“Yes… no… I don’t know,” Coral stated. “Something doesn’t feel right, there was a magical signature close to yours but evil in the estate. I was afraid it was Mystic, and I couldn’t find you here, and you’ve already married Celestial, Laguna and Fleur… I started thinking you forgot about me…” her voice trailed off. 

Tahlmus sat next o her, taking one hand in his while brushing a strand of hair from her face. “I didn’t forget about you,” he said. “I could never forget about you. You mean too much to me,” he finished in a whisper before brushing his lips against hers. “And that magical signature you felt was Urytemil, the dragon whose power flows through my veins. I didn’t know until last night because the journal never said it, but he’s a black dragon. One of the only ones left in existence, and black dragons are known for their cruel and sadistic nature. Mystic and my father are the only ones who have seen a black dragon and lived.” 

“Why is he here?” Coral asked. She didn’t show it, but Tahlmus could feel her fear. 

“I went in search of him,” Tahlmus replied. “He knows Mystic. My power is from him. He’ll be able to help me understand it and how Kanes and I can use our power together to defeat Mystic.” 

“How do you know he will help? What if he just wants to get rid of you, Kanes and Mystic?”

Tahlmus shrugged. “He could have gotten rid of me and Kanes a long time ago, if he had wished to do so.” Coral didn’t look completely convinced. “Tell you what,” Tahlmus said as he stood, helping Coral to also stand. “Tonight will just be you and me.” He gave a wave of his hand, and Coral was now standing in front of him in a spaghetti strap, emerald green dress. It came to her knee on the right side, but tapered off down to her ankle on the left. Another wave of his hand and he was wearing emerald green dress robes with a gold trim. The courtyard had also been decorated and the windows viewing the courtyard had been blacked out “Shall we?” He asked offering her his arm. Coral smiled at him as she accepted his arm, and let him lead her to the courtyard. 

Upon entering the courtyard, Coral could feel Tahlmus’ magic at work. The sun had not yet set, but the only light in the courtyard came from the fairy lights that adorned all the trees, and shrubs. Under the group of three trees that stood in the middle of the courtyard, there was a table, covered in a white lace silk cloth, with three candles lit in the center of it, and two chairs made of gold with an emerald green velvet seat cushion. 

“You did this for me?” Coral asked in awe as they walked to the table. 

“Do you like it?” Tahlmus asked pulling a chair out for her to sit in.

“I love it,” she responded as he sat down across from her. As she finished the sentence, plates of food appeared in front of them. “Awe, Tahl, you even prepared my favorite meal.” 

“Of course I did,” he replied. “Only the best for my sweet Coral.” 

The ensuing conversation was pleasant. Coral enjoyed having Tahlmus all to herself and having his attention solely on her. After they finished eating, Tahlmus used his magic to make the table disappear. His chair disappeared after he stood, as did Corals’ after she had stood with Tahlmus’ help. 

Still holding her hand, Tahlmus got down on one knee. “Coral,” he started. “I didn’t realize it at first but that night you came to me on the beach, you stole my heart. Your song enchants me like no other can. When I’m not with you my heart aches. I never understood love until I allowed myself to see what you do for me. You hold together the pieces of my heart. I need you in my life and by my side.” he said as he opened the small box that had appeared in his hand. “You would do me a great honor if you would become my wife,” he finished holding the box up to her showing her the ring. 

Coral had joyous tears running down her cheeks as she smiled. “Of course I will,” she said. “I thought you’d never ask.” Tahlmus slipped the ring on her finger as he stood leaning in to kiss her. Despite his love for reach of them his intimacy was stronger with Coral, and he couldn’t help but steal a second kiss from her. As he did, his magic faded allowing the moonlight to come through. 

“Tonight was perfect,” Coral whispered as their lips parted. 

“Good,” Tahlmus whispered with a smile on his face. He walked her back to her room where she agreed that they should see the priestess in the morning. Tahlmus kissed her goodnight then walked back to his own room. It was another weird night with no-one staying with him, and that had Tahlmus wondering if that was why he couldn’t sleep.

The next morning, he awoke, got dressed and found Coral waiting for him in the entrance hall. He couldn’t help but think that she was more beautiful than the night before. They walked to the chantry, where the priestess grumbled before finally marrying them.

Coral then convinced him to walk back to the estate. The news he’d given her about not being barren had given her a lot to think about. She really wanted kids, but she had hesitated in coming to him because she wanted to make sure he wanted kids as well. He reassured her that he did, and agreed that since they were now husband and wife, they would start trying to have a kid. 

He escorted Coral to his room with every intention of making love to her, but as he reached for the door handle he could sense Urytemil’s presence. Tahlmus groaned letting his hand fall away from the door before turning to Coral. 

“It’s that man isn’t it?” She asked. Tahlmus just nodded. “Come to my room when you can?” Coral questioned. 

“I will,” Tahlmus replied before she kissed him and walked away. He waited until she was out of sight before he went into his room. Urytemil, still in his human form, stood in the middle of the room. 

“I thought I had until this afternoon,” Tahlmus stated crossing his arms, doing his best not to be intimidated by the emerald eyes staring at him. 

Urytemil shrugged. “I was expecting the ceremony to take longer, the priestess has an extreme distaste for marrying elves to humans, let alone marrying the same elven man to four different human women.” 

This time Tahlmus shrugged. “I’m powerful and know some powerful people,” he said cooly. “But you already knew that.” Urytemil nodded. “Last night you said I had two more to marry. Who is the fifth one? And how do you know her and I don’t?”

“I know a great many things,” Urytemil replied. “The fifth one will come later.” 


“Yes, right now you need to decide which one of your current wives you are going to sacrifice.” 

Tahlmus had been trying to avoid Urytemil’s eyes, but their eyes locked as Urytemil had finished his sentence. “Say that again,” Tahlmus replied in as strong a voice as he could. 

“You heard me,” Urytemil replied with a growl. “Mystic will be dropping his son Solas off here in a month for school. He knows that the four women you are currently married to know what’s in the journal he seeks. He will meet one of them on that day and he will take them and torture them until they tell him how to get to you. I’ve seen how much these women love you, they will die before they reveal you to Mystic. So which one will it be? You have a week to decide, so that we can start making the necessary preparations. I will be back then.” As Urytemil finished he disappeared from sight. 

Tahlmus found it hard to breath, and just barely made it to his bed when his legs gave out on him. “There has to be another way,” he thought. “There has to be.” 



What will Tahl come up with… keep reading here

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