Writing Prompt Turned Fan Fiction Spin-off

Last night fresh out of new ideas for writing, I turned to a book I bought a year or so ago. The book is called Complete the Story, and it has pages of one to two sentence writing prompts. I found one that I liked and started. Turned into a spin-off of sorts from the fan fiction I wrote, though there are no names used. The exact prompt was … I knew the day I met her I would ask her to marry me. And I guess I knew that she would say no, but I couldn’t help myself when___________________. 

I changed the wording of the prompt slightly as I started with what had come to mind and the following is the result.


I knew the day I met her I would ask her to marry me, and I guess a part of me always knew she would walk away. … But that dark night before our lives would change forever, I couldn’t help myself. It happened the night before, what is now known as the final battle between humanity and the demonic creatures that had surged up to the surface from the darkest recesses of the earth.

Maybe I should back up a little bit, this insurgence of demonic creatures had not happened in almost two centuries. I had no idea what I was getting into when I was recruited. The clan leader told me it was my duty to go. Promises had been made long ago, so therefore I had no choice. So off I went, representative of my clan, of the entire elven race, as I had been recruited for a very elite group of fighters, who ironically enough were known as the Elite. I had been the only elf in the entire encampment that was not some servant running around fulfilling various wishes from the human Lords.

The first task which had to be completed to join this group known as the Elite, included a side task of retrieving some old treaties. It was at the ruin where the treaties were supposed to have been, that I first met her. She came out of the ruins, her hair darker than a moonless night, pulled back into a bun a top her head, her clothing accentuating every curve of her body, and it was hard not to stare into the cold blue eyes that she was studying me with. I fell hard for her, wished her to be mine on the spot, but I had to go become a part of the Elite, and her home was in the forest.

I somehow survived the secret ritual we had to go through to be apart of the Elite, only to almost die in the ensuing battle. The beautiful girl had saved me, though she told me it had been her mother. Either way I was happy to see her again. Her mother sent her with us; us being myself and another young member of the Elite. He had only been a member for a few months, and elected me to lead, which I did.

With my training both as a mage and a rogue I was able to, mostly with her help, gather allies to help defeat the demons. During those weeks, my kind actions brought her close to me. We became intimate and I wished for it to never end, that she would be mine forever. But then came that night. We had gathered all our allies, and gotten all the Lords and ladies to unite under my fellow Elite, who had blood of the royal line. He made me commander of his army and we were to start a forced march to the capital, so as to save it from falling into the hands of the demon overlord.

That night him and I learned that to kill the demon overlord, meant one of us would die. The Elite leader from across the sea, said he would take the final blow, but I knew if he failed it’d be mine to take. It was that night she confessed to me her reason for being with us. She knew a ritual that would save the one who would slay the overlord.

She explained the ritual to me, and it was after I agreed that I asked her. I knew before I asked that she’d say no, but I had to try. I told her I would do the ritual; that I loved her more than anything else in the world. I told her that I wished her to be my wife. Tears formed in her eyes as she said that we’d been foolish to get so close. Tears stung my eyes as she told me either we did the ritual and let her leave after the battle, or she would leave without performing the ritual.

I did it. I know I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t let her leave in that moment. I made passionate love to her, performing the ritual in the dark as she stated it had to be done. I had never felt anything quite like it.

We went into battle the next day, side by side, and I defeated the demonic overlord. The power that it exuded as I killed it knocked me unconscious for a couple of hours. When I finally woke up, those who had been closest to me were there to congratulate me on the victory, but she was already gone. Gone with no lead as to where she went, not like I could go after her as I had made the promise that I wouldn’t.

Now here I sit, five years later, at the edge of the forest longing for her to come back, for she had been the only woman that I have ever loved, and she is the only woman I need. To this day, I have kept my promise of not going out in search her. Today will be no different, for I do not need to search. My abilities allow me to see where she is. I know she is fine, and our child is healthy. Today, however, is the day I send her a letter. A letter that’s been five years in the making, asking her, no, begging her to come back, or at least allow me to go to her. Her fear was that her life would be dangerous, but I’m stronger now. I can properly protect her, our child and myself if she’ll let me. Today I will sit and wait for her response, and hope it is not the same. Today I try to win her back. Today marks the end of this story with the hope of new beginnings.

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