The Adventures of Firki: Hidden

Firki awoke with a start. Dreams had plagued him all night. Try as he may, whatever message they were trying to convey was still hidden. There was a different dragon in this dream, smaller, younger, and the elf was different too, but his face had been hidden, as if covered in a mask. The elf had received his magic from the dragon as had the elf in his dream the previous night. However, this elf did not run home and share his magic, nor did he put up an elemental barrier around his part of the city. This unknown elf, tried to help many others with his magic. Then a gesture from the elf with Firki’s features made a good faith gesture with a hidden agenda. The next part of the dream had seen the whole city in flames and elves running from the humans. The elf with Firki’s features had been captured by the humans, but his son, the one who also had his magic, had made it out safe with the unknown elf.

That was all Fikir had seen, and he dwelt on the dream, trying to figure out its’ meaning as he walked with Verimil north towards the clan Lavellan’s camp. It was a two day trip, which wore on Firki as the dreams of the dragons giving elves magic continued. He couldn’t wait to find out if they held a hidden meaning. Once they arrived they were quickly ushered to the middle of camp where the Lavellan clan leader waited them.

Verimil greeted Solque as if they were old friends. Verimil started to explain their presence in Solque’s encampment, but was stopped. Solque already knew why they were there. He invited them into his tent and told Firki to lie on the bed of ferns. Firki did as he was told and soon felt an overwhelming sense to sleep. He closed his eyes, suddenly aware of nothing but himself. A voice came to him from the depths of the blackness around him.

You are Vonali’s descendent. Vonali was one of ten who received magic from a family of dragons, in exchange for those dragon’s safety. Vonali was greedy, and only shared it with his son, because he was told to. He then betrayed my grandfather Kanes, who received the magic instead of his father Drevain. The reason for this betrayal is still hidden away somewhere. His son had escaped the human invasion that my grandfather started, while Vonali was captured, and taken to the divine, who locked him away with the other mages, and the rest of the non-mage elves were put into the worst part of the city to live. It is why so much of our history has been lost to the clans that still wander. It is why we have started to lose our longevity. His betrayal is why your magic goes awry.

I can fix it, but only if you can find Vonali’s journal that detailed his betrayal and reasons behind it. This is a task you must do on your own. You will tell your clan leader that you need to out in search of a very special herb, only found in the most southern part of the land. You will tell him that this quest may take some time as it is a very rare herb. The true reason to your quest must be kept hidden from everyone. If anyone were to find out that draconic magic still exists amongst us elves, even though it be only the two of us and my newly born son Lamil, all of us elves would be in danger. When you awake, you will tell your keeper you must start your quest for the rare herb right away, and head out. Remember the source of your magic must be kept hidden. It is imperative to our race that is. 

Once you find Vonali’s journal that details this betrayal to my grandfather Kanes, bring it back here to me. From that I will be able to figure out how to fix what went wrong. When this has been done, your magic will work properly. 

As the voice trailed off, Firki awoke. He was in the tent alone. Remembering every word that the voice had said, he walked out of the tent. Verimil and Solque were standing just outside the tent. Solque gave him a slight nod one so slight Firki wasn’t sure he had actually seen it. “Did something come to you?” Verimil asked as Firki stopped in front of them. Firki nodded and explained how he had to go on a quest to find a rare hidden herb in the southern part of the land. Firki also told Verimil that he had to leave at once. Reluctantly Verimil agreed. Solque gave a wave of his hand. A walking stick, appeared in Firki’s hand, and a backpack on his pack. “Everything you should need,” Solque replied to Firki’s questioning eyes. With a nod Firki went on his way to go find the hidden journal that was going to be the answer to fixing his magic.


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