Discover Prompts – Light

The other day when cleaning my little office, I found a folder that had a start to a story in it. At least it had a partial idea written down that could be turned into something much longer. With the daily prompts, my creativity has … I’m going to say been stronger the last few days, and I’ve been writing a lot more. I tried to take that idea and start a group writing in a Facebook group, where each person would continue the story with their own paragraph. It has been a little slow, so I ended up taking off with it and have now written a three part, short story. It is that story that I immediately thought of when I saw today’s prompt about light, so I thought I would share an excerpt or two from that.

The unexpected ruling of the Council, was that he would serve his time in human form, turning souls away from the light, and into the gloomy, dank, impenetrable darkness that was the realm in which the demons lived. At first Koratar was elated, as he preferred working among the humans.
          As the years had gone by however, it started to bore him. The humans no longer needed any prompting from him to make the jump to the darkness. They left the light willingly, in ways that made him cringe. Koratar received the credit for it, even when he told them he couldn’t take credit for it. The Council just said, “You almost have too much modesty to be a demon.”

        With the name Korali, meaning Black Shadow, it should have been easy. She should have been turned before having reached her thirteenth birthday. However twenty-seven demons had worked on her in just as many years, to no avail. The light she had still shone through. The Council had been desperate when they summoned the Black Prince, as they were of the thought, that if she were turned they could gain the rest of the planet easily. It was only because of her light, that they could not more easily gain the souls of those she came in contact with. Even those who had done her wrong were, in a sense, untouchable. Korali was the key to success, and Koratar was the only demon for the job.

So there it is, some excerpts about light, from the short story I am calling Koratar, the Black Prince. If you wish to read more, I will place the link below, but until next time I hope the light still brings hope, even in these uncertain times.

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