Discover Prompt – Dishes

First thought when I saw the word dishes as today’s prompt was, “noooo I’m not doing them, it’s your job”. I really don’t like doing the dishes. Course the thought then went to, “Ya know, whenever someone says dishes I really only think of plates.” Which then led to the memory of all the decorated plates from Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

It is one of the things that I always enjoyed looking at when we went to visit Grandma, (Grandpa was usually at the farm, so saw him everyday, except Sunday). We usually didn’t get to watch TV, unless it was lunchtime when Grandma and Grandpa (who came home for lunch) would watch their soap operas.

Sometimes we would go to the basement to ride the stationary bike, or play with the marbles, until their shows were done, then grandpa would leave and grandma would have us play either a board game, or play cards at the kitchen table. When it wasn’t my turn, I would look around at the decorated plates grandma had displayed along the walls. A couple of them were scenes from “The King and I”.  Then she had others which were winter scenes set in Germany which is where she grew up. I spent hours (over the course of my years) looking at, and admiring those plates.

As we got older, grandma started asking my brother and I if there was anything we wanted after they passed. My answer: I want all your decorative plates.

Grandma hasn’t passed, but is in assisted living, and barely remembers who I am. So my dad and uncle sold the house, in doing so we got to take the things we wanted. I took the decorated plates.  They are now placed on a shelf above my dining room doorway, a reminder of all the time I got to spend with my grandparents.

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