Halloween Part 2

I realize some of these posts have nothing in common. A few talk of mental health issues, some are poems and some others are about my favorite “child” Tahlmus. It’s hard to know what to write about sometimes, and other times it’s hard to just get the words to flow. Depression, stress, other activities, they all play a part in this inability to write consistently, or about consistent topics.

I did have some creative fun this morning after hitting my snooze button several times. A friend who is really into Halloween came over to get “makeup” done. I have never done this before. I can barely apply my own make up. So spent about forty minutes applying Halloween make-up.

Definitely made for an interesting morning. Especially with all the dogs seemingly waiting in line to get their turn. And for not knowing how to apply make-up; I think it’s a bit better look than at the party we had a few days ago. But that’s just me personally. image4


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